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Intervention Plan

Our intervention plans are always tailored to each family reality and needs.

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Our services

Family Intervention

Family intervention is the most effective technique that families can ask to help a loved one who suffers from an addition and need immediate help.

Case Management

The importance of this service at the beginning of the recovery process of the person and his family can be enormous, the family will have permanent 24/7 support.

Sober Coach

Our experience tells us that a Custom Sober Coach is a important support, at a crucial time for the person, when he returns to his "reality" and face some "challanges".

Structured Family Program

The slogan of this program is "progress rather than perfection". The family will learn in a simple way that recovery is something that families do together.

We intervene in the comfort of your home.

We will go where we are most needed ...

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After four years of complete desperation, we finally find the solution for approaching our loved one. All the process from intervention to treatment and aftercare has been a blessing in our family. Thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and passion!
Mother, from Belgium
We were lost and believed that was nothing else we can do to help my father, but when we realize that we can ask for professional help, Jorge Venceslau changes all our perspective of the problem, we as a family also are part of it and part of the solution! Grateful...
Son, from USA

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