Treatment Centers

Treatment Centers

Help Now advises the best treatment options for your family needs. We work independently with different treatment providers around the world( Europe, USA , Africa and Asia), we visited all of them before and that’s why we selected the best ones. When we recommend a treatment facility they need to meet the client/family needs such budgets, type of treatment, addiction, mental health diagnoses and location.

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    Independent Consulting

    • Find the best options for your specific case
    • Explaining how it works and what to expect
    •  Gathering information on 3 different treatment programs
    • Present options before Intervention Day
    • Finatial implications of the treatment

    Jorge Venceslau is one of the founders of EARS (European Association of Recovery Specialists) and works according to the EARS code of ethics.

    We work for you and for your family, our experience working with families is that sometimes they get very confused about what are the best options for best results. And that is why also we are here for…. helping you!