Catarina Capinha

"I'm a happy person because I'm in love with my life and living happiness with my family"

I started my career with Clinical Psychologist in the Departments of Psychology Evaluation in “Miguel Bombarda’s” Hospital Internment.


Then, for about ten years, I took steps in the clinical intervention with children, adolescents and families at the Center for Family Support and Parental Counseling at the IPSS “O Século” Foundation.


Now I’m responsible for the Technical and Management Department of the Residential Reception Department at the “O Século” Foundation, with the functions of management of the educational team and the technical staff of the Reception Houses, process management of young people and representation of the home in connection with judicial instances (Courts and Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young People).

I’m Effective Member of the:

  • Portuguese Order of Psychologists with Professional Card Nº 2713
  • Candidate of the Portuguese Society of Art Therapy Nº044/12
  • Art Institutional Therapist credited by the Portuguese Society of Art Therapy CAP – Vocational Training Certificate of the IEFP – Institute for Employment and Vocational Training Postgraduate

I made a Course on “Child Abuse: Repercussions” – Lisbon Medical School Interview, Psychotherapy and Diagnostic Techniques Course – Training Center of Miguel Bombarda Hospital

Advisor in workshops and thematic seminars at the Portuguese Society of Art Therapy in the areas of Creativity, Psychopathology, Clinical Psychopathology and Art-Psychotherapy, Puppets and Masks, Processes of Creativity, Death and Mourning, among others.

Publications in several journals of the specialty on the subject of clinical intervention in Art Therapy and Psychotherapy. To see:

Certified in the Portuguese order of psychologists and in Portuguese society of art therapy. (insert my name Catarina Capinha)

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