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Intervention process

Our intervention plans are always tailored to each family reality!

Emergency Situations

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Areas of intervention

Structured family intervention

Family intervention is the most effective technique families can ask to help a loved one who suffers from an addition.

Treatment follow-up

The importance of this monitoring at the beginning of the recovery of the person and his family can be enormous, the family will have permanent support

Sober companion

Our experience tells us that the Custom Sober Companion is a crucial service, at a crucial moment for the person, when he returns to his "reality"

Structured Family Program

The slogan of this program is "progress rather than perfection". The group will learn in a simple way that recovery is something that families do together


Help Now offers you a unique service in the Portuguese market!

We work alongside families who wish to help their families or friends who are dependent on substances (Alcohol, Cocaine, Cannabis, Amphetamines, Heroin and Drugs) and / or suffering from compulsive behaviors (Game, Sex, Internet, Self-mutilation, Eating Disorders, Co dependency)

We intervene in the comfort of your home.

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