Jorge Venceslau

"I'm a lucky guy because I'm passionate about everything I've decided to do in my life!"

When I was 23, I participated in a Family Intervention, and since then I have discovered that no one is happy alone.

We also need to see happiness in others for our lives to make sense!

After finishing my dream of being a professional athlete, I won a scholarship by A.T.T. (Association of Treatment of Drug Addiction, IPSS).

I went on to study Admissions Counseling (Diploma in Addictions Counseling) for England in 1996 at the institution Action on Addictions

Part of my life is dedicated to studying so that I can support your family!

After completing my studies, I worked in several treatment centers, namely:

  • Farol II Treatment Center in Portugal.
  • Crossroads Treatment Center in Antigua, Caribbean. Founded by Mr. Eric Clapton.
  • Outcome Consulting, England.
  • Clouds House (in its day center in Bournemouth), as a consultant.

And other centers spread throughout Brazil and South Africa.

After having known and worked in several treatment centers in different countries, I decided to return to Portugal and to establish my residence here again in 2002.

The experience in making Structured Family Interventions and the passion for helping others made this activity happen to be part of me!

Since 2007 …

  • I visited 57 treatment centers around the world.
  • I selected the 12 best.

I have developed through the years, partnerships based on professionalism, competence, and permanent collaboration. And today I can confidently recommend which one is right for your situation.

If you would like to know more information about substance dependencies, addictive behaviors or mental disorders, contact me!

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