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Fighting and arguing is an exhaustive endeavour to battle addiction! If your family or a friend is suffering from an addiction, you might be familiar with this family reactions. You probably confronted your loved one about there addiction behaviour and as a result, the situation just got worse than better. Our intervention approach is based on Love, Honestly and Companion, my experience tells me that the power of LOVE approach is the best and more efficient way to do it. The surprise of talking with the loved one with pure love, showing your real feelings and concerns, and to understand that addiction is a very powerful disease that you need to know better and understand how it works in the loved one life, is the best solution for good results, addicts have deep and marvellous feelings, they are just "disconnected" from the "world" and from people...when you show appropriate Love, they tend to accept help and start there road of recovering and change in there life's, they are deeply suffering as you are!!! Addiction invites family and friends for fighting and arguing and love intervention makes addicts and their families to show the real true...Love and Care. Believe that there is always a way out and happiness can really be at the corner, NEVER GIVE UP. Jorge Venceslau #addictionrecovery #beliveinyou #recovery #love #addiction #helpnow #jorgevenceslau

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