Believe in the power of compassion!

Believe in the power of compassion!

Fear, sadness, helplessness, anger; addiction can cause these and plenty of other unwelcome feelings in everyone in the family (including the addict). It can be difficult having an addict in the family who is going through arguably the most difficult phase of their life.

Addicts themselves are most of the times unable and/or unwilling to do anything about the issue, mostly because of denial and resistance to accept there problem. 

Alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, sex, and food are some of the known forms of addiction. In all cases, when addiction has reared its head, the addict and his or her family go through a harrowing time. The addicts are unwilling to seek help and the family members are many times clueless about what steps they can take to deal with the issue.

Addicts in almost all cases do not seek or accept treatment. And confronting the addict is not much use because he or she is probably going to deny the addiction itself. And this is not something that will go away by itself. Addiction destroys the addict and their families bit by bit, sucking all the energy out of them.

So what can families do? They can intervene and Help Now can help. Our approach and strategy charts a way out for families to deal with the problem by carefully planning a family intervention.

Relying on the unrivalled power of LOVE, Help Now’s family intervention is a carefully designed 9 step process that helps an addict accept treatment by aiding the family to bring back the addict to the reality of their life. Viewing mental health issues as a symbol of a dysfunctional family, Help Now focuses on helping families through Structured Family Intervention. 

Addressing patterns of interaction that create problems within families, our founder Jorge Venceslau has a deep belief in the fact that the families of the addicts also suffer deeply and need follow-up care. We lay a prime focus on changing the family structure as a whole rather than changing individual family members. 

This approach has been tried and tested over the years and has fetched positive results in a lot of cases. Improving communications and interactions among the family members along with defining appropriate boundaries and bringing the right behaviors to the forefront helps in creating a healthier family structure.

We create a safe and secure environment where it is possible for real change to be possible. 

Our expert therapists focus on understanding and helping, rather than preaching. Not only do we help the client in handling stress, but also help them to make refined and better life choices. 

As mentioned above, our methods are based on love, compassion, and integrity. 

They say ‘ Love conquers all ’ And we at Help Now put this to practice.

Does not matter if any of your family members are displaying addictive behavior to a physical activity or excessive dependence on a substance, our structural family intervention method can be the saviour you have been looking for. 

With more than 20 years of experience helping addicts and their families, we are proud professors of the thought that no behavior is so addictive that it cannot be given up.

So, when someone in your family needs help with dealing with addiction, reach out to us. You’ll need as much help as you can get and we are here to help you, 24×7!

More about HelpNow

HelpNow specializes in cases of addiction and believes in strengthening families with an aim of moving towards a secure and happy world – a better and strengthened world. 

Help Now is an initiative to help people with mental disorders of any kind. Under Jorge Venceslau’s compassionate leadership, Help Now has gradually evolved into a renowned behavioral healthcare agency worldwide.

We are aimed at helping addicts and their families through dark and tough times. 

In the ten years Help Now has been helping people, we have expanded the type of assistance we offer as well as where we offer it. Today, we have brought addictive behaviors and substance dependence under our umbrella as well along with serving clients across many countries.

Jorge Venceslau 


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