How Jorge Venceslau do family Intervention?

How Jorge Venceslau do family Intervention?

How Jorge Venceslau do family intervention?
Family intervention includes family members in counseling and coaching sessions with the goal of strengthening all family members mental health and understanding deeply the nature of the disorder. 
Pre intervention meetings are fundamental for success of the intervention process and goal (Addict accept help voluntary). Meetings aims to strengthen the capacity of families to understand deply about, what is addiction? how it affects addict and family system? What needs to change for helping your loved one? What the best strategy for having success? 
Some fundamental keys for success is the ability for family members to avoid expression feelings of anger,  blaming or judgment and deeply replace for expression of compassion(understand addict illness), honestly(be able to talk about how addiction have been affecting them) and love (the real true, the more powerful key for success).
Jorge Venceslau is very clear about family roles in the change process that needs to happen (for the loved one accept help and change).
” If familie members don’t change, loved one won’t too”
This understanding sometimes are not difficult to understand but very difficult for family members to do practice, as it’s for the loved one that as an addiction and that is why addiction affects the all family, actually families will understand what needs to be changed. 
Jorge Venceslau understands that, not allways easy for them as is not for the addict, but always possible to do it! 
When families start to understand and practice the principles at the sessions they will experience it and grow towards hope and deep commitment with helping the loved one (addict) that change is sometimes hard work but possible to achieve. 
Jorge Venceslau experience and guide families towards this process in the last 20 years. 
” There nothing more rewarding than seeing, helping and experience families to change from anger, blaming and judgment to compassion, honestly and expression of true and deep love” 
Failure to practice this change is not unusual, but failings are a big part of growing and mature the new living attitude. 
If we don’t have our loved ones with us, who else will be there when we most need it? ❤️ 

Jorge Venceslau

Addictions Solutions Specialist

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