Parceria com o centro de tratamento Urban Recovery em New York

Just come back from a exclusive/professional and marvelous professionals with a long experience working in the field of addiction field around the world! My visit was a result of knowing the professional team members and the trust that come from that experience and professionalism recognized world wide. Did a family Intervention and as a result for the best place for this person(addict) was ended in shose Urban Recover Center located in Broklin, NYC in USA. Also did a video with the treatment team and to inform you about some of the activities, location, acomodation that you can expect. My video was very expontaneo and honestly really demonstrate the dedication and professionalism that is happening at this place. and for any other information that have been there and have clients there, you can contact me Jorge Venceslau at +351917797333 or (also can see my video to know more how can I help your all family and your loved one at and English version!

Urban Recovery website

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