Nuno Henriques da Silva

“Helping others to feel good with themselves is a major motivation in my life!”

Some years ago, while working in a major company, I was so stressed, unhappy and under pressure that a friend recommend me a biofeedback session, which I did and it was a life changing event. The stress reduction and the peace and balance that it gave me was really strong, so strong that lead me to become a biofeedback therapist. Like a client once told me: “biofeedback does not just balance but it uplifts you!”

In that process I realize that, more than just being a biofeedback therapist, I felt incredibly well helping other people; being able to use this technology to help people dealing with their problems and have a better life was the plus factor.

Biofeedback is a therapeutic technology in the area of ​​health and medicines of the mind and consciousness that aims at the analysis and elimination of stress factors that are the basis of most diseases and physical and emotional imbalances.

Some benefits of Biofeedback:

. Stress reduction

. Anxiety relief

. Chronic pain reduction

. Energetic balance

. Headaches reduction

Biofeedback is a non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing method, totally free from side effects in order to achieve the chemical balance of the body. It is intended for people of all ages and has no side effects or contraindications (*).

The technique consists of placing a harness equipped with sensors that measure the “electrodermal response” of the body. The system is so precise that can measure stress reactions in more than 12,000 different signatures, which normally interact with the human body, collecting this information and processing it in the software matrix, allowing the therapist to know which are the most imbalanced so they can be worked and balanced in order for a better lifestyle and well-being.

So, it helps to manage and reshape stress patterns, providing Client with crucial information about stress-inducing situations with the purpose of motivate the Client to change their lifestyle for health and well-being in general.

This therapy is not indicated for people with pacemakers, epilepsy or pregnant women. It does not replace the performance of another exam prescribed by traditional and conventional clinical medicine.

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