The Value of Structured Family Intervention

The Value of Structured Family Intervention

Although many individuals suffer from different forms of drug addiction, each addict is unique. They are coping with their own problems and may often feel as though they are alone. They deal with many negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, remorse, and embarrassment. Another feeling may be denial. Not accepting they have a problem, and not admitting that their drug addiction is affecting their family. A structured intervention can be the most powerful resource for both the family and the addict.

The Communication Gap

Something which often happens between the addict and their family is not lack of communication, but the absence of the right conversation. Families often don’t know how to express their feelings and concerns about what is happening. Some respond with anger, which can cause the addicted individual to tune them out. Others are overly sympathetic and may feed into the thoughts of the addict that there is nothing they can do about their addiction.

Putting the Family in Control

The drug addict is out of control, but the family doesn’t have to be. They can decide to have a structured intervention. The first step towards this is for the family to come together and then to reach out to qualified interventionists. From this point, the family will no longer feel as though they are alone with dealing with this problem.

Becoming Informed

A problem which many families of drug addicts face is not knowing all the facts. They are so caught up with what is happening to the loved ones that they are not able to look at the problem objectively. They can actually only do this when they are armed with the proper knowledge. This includes addiction as well as the recovery process. Professionals who are experts in structured family intervention can provide this education.

Family Intervention is based on LOVE , HONESTLY  and COMPASSION 😍

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