Together we can do it 😍

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Today had a phone call from a mother of an active addict that clearly need help for helping the loved one! After talking with the mother realized once again that addiction negative impact on the family is enormous! No one can love more than a mother, but because of pain, frustration, guilt, shame, anger hopeless...this mother is living her pain in a way that she can not see hope anymore... Families also get "disconnected" from themselves and the world!!! Clarity is not there anymore and very difficult to make good decisions for themselves and for helping the loved one...Today's phone call was very difficult and sad... How to help this family if family members are in denial and resist to have help for themselves first and then open the possibility of helping the loved one with clearly? 😍TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT😍 Jorge Venceslau #nevergiveup #creathope #addictionrecovery #loveintervention

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