Why a Addiction Family Intervention?

Why a Addiction Family Intervention?


Encouraging a loved one to seek the help they need can be a daunting task. Many friends and family members of those suffering from addiction often worry about confronting the problem out in the open, with fear of causing hurt, shame or anger. The alternative, however, is to let the disease progress, which leads to even more severe consequences in the long term. That’s why a structured and well-planned intervention is essential to help addicts take those first steps towards recovery.


Long Term Plan

A family intervention is not simply a one-off meeting. It is the beginning of a journey which could take years, where loved ones join together to not only talk about the addiction but more importantly, offer full support to the person suffering. An effective intervention aims to break the cycle, to make a change in everyday life, and put steps in place to follow through treatment with love and compassion.


Patience and Planning

Discussing addiction with close friends and family naturally brings up plenty of emotion. And that’s why spontaneous interventions tend to fail, as group members can lose control, stray off-topic or say unhelpful things which can do more harm than good. Having a structured plan in place, before heading into that initial meeting, will help everyone remain calm and honest, without placing blame or making accusations.


Professional Help

Organizing an intervention is much easier under the guidance of professionals. Here at Help Now, we know that every individual is different, and we tailor our services to work with every client and their family on a personal level. A successful recovery requires support and effort from all sides, making everyone involved accountable, including professionals, addicts and loved ones. Our goal is undoubtedly to make that journey as painless as possible while ensuring positive results, long term.

Family Intervention is based on LOVE , HONESTLY  and COMPASSION

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